Falling down the rabbit hole.

For me, this image is forever exhilarating, mysterious, and visually magnificent. It is also a wonderfully accurate symbol of my perception…my reality.

I have always dreaded the questions regarding inspiration in reference to my work, for I am uncertain that I truly understand the concept of inspiration. Nor am I convinced that if a catalyst could be pinpointed, that it would be understood. My senses intermingle and images are triggered by the melody of a word, the weight of the atmosphere, the faintest odour, the slightest movement, and the vague but undeniable sense of something not traditionally perceived. At times the experience is so powerful that I am stopped in my tracks and the world around me dissolves.

In my rabbit hole, the smallest detail can be transformed into a universe.

I have always been this way and it is constant. It is my only point of reference. I struggle to find words that I have never heard others use to describe experiences that others do not appear to comprehend. In this forest of glorious shadows I reside alone, never hearing an echo or feeling a reverberation to indicate that others inhabit this world. I am left with paltry and awkward narratives to convey my reality, which to me seems indescribable as it is all I have ever known.

At the end of all things, my inspiration is irrelevant. The moment another perceives my work it belongs to them. Who am I to lead you to a conclusion, or to tell you that your perception is mistaken? It can never be wrong. This is your experience…your truth. See what you see, feel what you feel, dream what you dream. It is the only thing that is of any importance.

Though I cannot lead you down my rabbit hole, my art can afford you an occasional glimpse of some of what I encounter.

It is yours now.