Rainy Night at Great George

Posted on June 02, 2010 by in By Commission, Cityscapes | 2 Comments

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Tania Doucet


18″ x 30″


2 Comments to “Rainy Night at Great George”

  1. Stacy de Boom-Howard says:

    We stayed at the Great George for our Honeymoon last July. During our stay we kept looking at this painting- we fell in love with it. I called later to see if it was still there but it had been sold. Is there any flexibility on the price? Please let me know. I would love to surprise my husband with it.

    Thank you!
    Stacy de Boom-Howard

  2. Tania Doucet says:

    Hi Stacy,

    I have painted a similar piece for another couple this past Christmas, adjusting some of the colours (to match with their wall colours) and clothing on the couple, etc… I can customize the painting in several ways. The price is based on the original size. Smaller or larger pieces would vary in price accordingly. The price difference is not significant, however, unless you order a much larger or much smaller painting.

    If you would like to discuss details, you can e-mail me at [email protected]

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